New Product Guaranteed to Recover Wet Cell Phones

Published: 18th October 2011
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In modern day world many of us use our phones to allow us immediate access to info and data immediately. In a world where people make dinner reservations, look at Facebook posts, and also have immediate access to maps and photographs it is clear which our phones are a vital component of our day to day lives.

Because we have our cellular phones with us nearly all of us have either dumped our phone to water or known somebody who has.

Usually when we drop our cellular phone in water we take it back to the store to only find out it's not protected under the mobile phone insurance policy. A simple look online will take you to straightforward warranty web pages showing your phone not covered because of water damage, making this a very severe situation. Does this mean you're destined to a new phone? Perhaps not!

Until recent months there had not been much that can be done for a drenched cell phone but with recent innovations mobile phone rescue kits are getting very popular.

A highly recommended kit is Dry-1-1 Emergency Rescue Kit. The kit works by placing your cell in the rescue bag and letting the water to be absorbed from inside your cell phone.

Dry-1-1 works by trapping water molecules and essentially sucking them from your phone. Smartphones today have more computing power inside a tiny space, making the transistors on the inside very close together. So though water will not conduct electricity well it won't take much to produce a bad circuit.

Dry-1-1 has extensively examined their product on iPhones, MP3 players, inside compact electronics and continue to boost a 100% rate of success. This cell phone emergency kit is a breeze use, all you have to do is position your phone within the bag. The bag can be used multiple times with several phones and might save you hundreds of dollars down the road.

The beautiful thing about Dry-1-1 Emergency Rescue Kits is that they are as simple as cake keep around in the house or in the vehicle. Absolutely if you're going day to day without keeping one of these around you could catch yourself in a wet situation.

It really is clear that these emergency kits are essential in today's society, after all with everything at stake can someone really manage to lose your phone as well as the contacts inside?

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